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advanced-training-mini The Real Estate Investment Seminar Series – Presented by George Ansong & Associates and Niche Money Advisors

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. –Theodore Roosevelt


The Real Estate Investment Field Trip

Combines classroom instruction and Field Trip

This October 17, 2015 Register Here 

Lets Explore an Atlanta Neighborhood...The focus of this course is for attendants (participants) to look at investment properties,  inspect the properties –  look at Property Values, Tax Assessed Values, After Repair Values, 
Comparable and various exit strategies for our properties depending on our winning formula. We also try to determine if the selected neighborhood is in an appreciation market, a stagnant market, a declining market or what I call a next to emerge market.

First Time Homebuyer Free Seminar – register for October 24, 2015 , Register here.

FREE FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER SEMINAR SERIES-This is the First in the series to help you understand  the home buying process. Stop Renting…Start Owning…Start Saving First-Time-Home-Buyer-seminar “We will put the key in your hand to open the door to start living the American Dream” This is a FREE Seminar… Topics include:

  •  Learn to avoid the costly mistakes in the home buying process
  •  Learn about the process of finding and buying a home
  •  Learn to get pre-approved for a loan
  • – and More

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment –  Real Estate Investment 101 This seminar is designed for the beginning Real Estate Investor. This course is designed with the novice investor in mind; enabling the beginning investor to understand all phases of investing in the local real estate market, and making money. We will explore how to make money with little or no cashreal estate 101

  •  Locate the target property
  • Establish a financial foundation
  • Understanding the use of leverage
  • Creating cash flow through notes

USE the CLEAR  Acronym to make the teaching more clearer: C –Cash Flow, L- Leverage, E-Equity, A-Appreciation, R-Risk

  Wholesaling 101 –  Wholesaling Properties For Quick Profit – Upcoming  Seminar is this June 27, 2015 is the next date. Register now. This is a way for beginning real estate investors to start investing in real estate without cash or credit – we will show you how wholesaling is one of the surest way to start your real estate investment gain. What is wholesaling ? What is the different between Flipping and Wholesaling? Know the difference between, The Finder, The Wholesaler, The Rehabber, and the Retail Investor. The wholesale investment strategy and process will be explained.  You can download the accompanying ebook right here.

The Real Estate Workshop – This is an advanced real estate course. At least, you should take real estate 101 to take this advanced seminar.  We will discuss real estate strategy and tactics. Property analysis and your winning formula as a real estate investor. This is more a hands on approach as we analyze properties and make offers. We will explain writing contracts and making offers. The survive as a Real Estate Investor, you have to learn how to make offers.

Owner Financing 101 – Is it possible for the seller of  a piece of property to owner finance it for you? The quick answer to this question is YES. We will show you the various ways to owner finance a property and the advantages inherent to both parties. This is a quicker way for the owner of property to sell a property fast without the banks. Would you be interested to buy a piece of property without the banks? This course will show you how.


Borrow Your Way To Real Estate Riches  – Do you know borrowed money can make you very wealthy? I know a lot of people advice against borrowing money. But it depends on what you  are buying. Are you buying appreciating items or depreciating items. We will talk about how to leverage your way to real estate wealth. Looking for collateral and front money partners to work with you to achieve your goal of financial independence.

The Instant Real Estate Investor Field Trip – The focus of this is for  attendants (participants) to look at investor properties on a field trip : inspect the properties with a home inspector and make an offer – we look at Property Values, Tax Assessed Values, After Repair Values, Comparables and various exit strategies for our properties depending on our winning formula. We also try to determine if the selected neighborhood is in ac appreciation  market, a stagnant market, a declining market or what I call a next to emerge market

Wealth 101 – Developing A Wealth Building Mindset wealth-mindset

  • Topics Include:
  • – Your Mind Set As A Wealth Builder
  • – What is wealth and Income
  • – Understanding Assets
  • – Different Appreciating Assets and Depreciating Assets
  • – Visible and Invisible Wealth
  • – Business As An Asset
  • – Entrepreneurism, The Power of Paradign
  • – Ideas and Wealth Creation, The Quick Business Start-Up


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